• Students gain entry into institutions world wide.
  • ► Students face practical demands of the real world.
  • Review of the students academic performance with parents.
  • Detailed study plan to improve performances.
  • Mentoring, Counselling and Monitoring of the progress of students.
  • Subject specific assessment report based on strength and weakness of students.

Tarbiyyah Programme

  • Implementation of the Qur’an and Sunnah.
  • Practical Training on how to coexist in a multi-cultural society without compromising the ‘DEEN.’
  • Guest speaker of National & International repute invited to inspire the students.

Unique Features:

  • Focus on the memorization of the Glorious Qur’an to the best of the student’s ability.
  • ► Dedicated educators to set learning targets to monitor and evaluate the progress of all students.
  • Low Students-Teacher Ratio.

Congregational Prayers.

  • ► Jumu’ah Salah Educational Excursions.
  • AI-MIS Assures Nutritious snack.
  • Safe and Secure Islamic environment.
  • Individual attention for your child
  • Dedicated and experienced faculty.
  • Holistic development of your child.